I am a retired family doctor and I love to write about what interests me which fortunately is quite a lot.  You are very welcome to read some of my earlier published work which you can download from this site — if nothing else, it will show how I have improved! 

Since starting this blog I have had two books published — books about transition.  It is when things change that one really notices them!  Iolo’s Revenge was about the joy of settling in rural Wales and doing something completely different.  You don’t have to be a genius…  is about growing up and into the medical profession.  Adult life was quite a shock!

You don’t have to be a genius… is published by Clinical Press ISBN 978-1-85-457108-3

Iolo’s Revenge is available from Logaston Press.

13 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you very much Kitty — I know you must work very hard on your wide ranging blog which I always enjoy. I don’t actively promote mine, which I probably should, but use it as an open letter to keep in touch with friends and relatives around the world and it is always nice to receive positive feedback. Thanks again!

      • That’s wasn’t clear enough. I couldn’t work out who was speaking especially as I had been reading about the closeness of the mother and daughter in the first chapter. I keep thinking who is the person, where does it fit in. I could just remove the page and stay in the main thread of the story as it added nothing.
        If you had gone to town and bumped in to the girl and shared a conversation it would have been clear to me. I reread it to see if I had missed something.

      • I thought the tag “The girl with the custard coloured hair ” was memorable enough to remind the reader of that girl in the previous chapter — but I take your point.
        I wanted to include this window into the lives of so many women that I met later with life experiences so different from my own.

      • I’m sorry 😢 it wasn’t clear to me. Maybe it would to someone else. Yes, I read the title but when I read the page I was left confused and I couldn’t understand where it fitted into the flow of the story line. Maybe I’m used to reading fiction.

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