Health and safety

UnFallOffAble Ladder!

As I get older and wobblier and more irresponsible ladder work is becoming more of a health risk than Corona Virus.

Imagine my delight when I saw this:

A Laddermate stabiliser
The top end of this arrangement has a thing known as a “microlite” to stabilize the top end and make it less likely to slide sideways and more easily manageable
Just drill a little hole to attach a fixing strap and the thing is completely stable even if you take the wall away! Wonderful for rotten trees!

But that is not all — you can fit it with a grab rope that clips onto a body harness so that you can throw yourself off the ladder and you will dangle safely!

Health and Safety Superhero ready to dangle
Aaron — Sky Ladderman — Thank you for showing me your amazing kit.

All my health-and-safety phobic friends (you know who you are) take note!