Published Work

My latest book You don’t have to be a genius… is the biography of a girl studying to become a family doctor from her schooldays in the 60s to her baptism of fire as a junior doctor in a district general hospitals in North London. What she remembers are the people and events that changed her life.

Published by Clinical Press (Bristol UK) ISBN 978-1-85-457108-3

My first book, Iolo’s Revenge, Sheep Farming by Happy Accident in Mid-Wales, was published by Logaston Press in the Summer of 2018.  It is available direct from the publishers or via Amazon, W H Smith or Foyles. ISBN 978-1-910839-24-9


She has published short stories, poetry, thoughtful and lyrical prose and feature articles on a wide range of subjects.  Re-prints of some are available to download as word documents here for free.

                                                          Short Stories

The Put Out To Grass series which was the basis of her first book appeared in PenCambria starting in issue 12 (Winter 2009) through to  2017.   Back numbers are available to buy through the website <>   the magazine goes from strength to strength).  You can also get copies by e-mailing

Diana made this digital film  in an afternoon workshop at the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth —  a completely novel experience — there were  technical difficulties (very little memory) which made editing more difficult as the film progressed and accounts for the sticking towards the end.  The digital recorder didn’t work so that the sound track had to be recorded in a single attempt on a borrowed piece of kit!  Then she ran out of time.  However she hopes you enjoy it!

The Lavender Scented Breast appeared in Lunar Attic (Aberystwyth University Press,2011) Free Download The Lavender Scented Breast


Literature – What it means to You? A dyslexic view won the 2011 ABERink competition (open to all) Free Download Literature

Remembering Osian Gordon 1989-2007 appeared in PenCambria, issue 10 (Spring2009) Osian’s memory echos in the landscape as his friends walk the 100 miles to his grave, arriving on the coldest day.  Remembering Osian Gordon 1 

                                                          Lyrical Prose

More Rain? PenCambria,9 (Winter2008)


In Living Memory – The Post at Llawr-y-glyn, PenCambria,10 (Spring 2009) Walking the postal paths, part of the oral history series.

In Living Memory – Sustainable Farming, PenCambria, 11 (Summer, 2009) How they used to farm in the hills. Free Download Sustainable Farming – WS

In Living Memory – Antediluvian Tales of the Clywedog Valley, PenCambria, 11 (Summer 2009) Life before the valley was flooded recording first-hand memories of the big-freeze of 1947. Free Download Antediluvian Tales of Clywedog

In Living Memory – The Second World War in the Clywedog and Trannon Valleys, PenCambria, 15 (Winter 2010)

In Living Memory – Coronation Day, PenCambria, 23 (Summer 2013) Free Downlooad Coronation Day- for PC +WS

In Living Memory – H.B.’Gurra’ Mills, Footballer and Poacher, PenCambria, 24 (Winter 2013) Free Download In Living Memory-Gurra-2nd draft

The Upheaval: the Clearance of the Elan and Claerwen Valleys 1892, PenCambria, 21 (Winter,2012) Free Download The Upheaval- 27,9,12

The Oldest Working Brewery in Britain, Pencambria, 22 (Spring2013) Free Download The Oldest Working Brewery in Britain The Three Tuns Brewery.

A Secret Legacy, PenCambria, 23 (Summer 2013) A walk in the Trannon Valley with Nicholas Culpeper, herbalist and anti-establishment hero! Free Download A Secret Legacy-WS

The Trouble with History, PenCambria, 25 (Spring 2014) Conflicting views of the Chartist Riot of 1839.  Free Download The Trouble with History

Victory in Europe, PenCambria, 29 (Summer2015) The end of World War II in Europe.  As reports emerge from those returning to Mid-Wales, the importance of the Red Cross is revealed. VEDay

An End and a Beginning, PenCambria, 30 (Winter 2015) Looking through contemporary reports of life in Mid-Wales and Japan at the end of World War II. V J Day

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