Farm engineering

Building Bridges

Do you remember the tree we cut down last winter, because it was threatening to fall over and cut off the electricity and to block the lane and maybe even catch a passing car.



Here is Number One Son stripping off the branches —



Here is the trunk,cut in half and laid across the stream —



Here it is clad in recycled larch boards that used to cover the barn — Pedro checks it for stability.




It is part of our new Habitat Creation Project — for trolls, but we didn’t get a grant.  We just added lots of water and waited three months.  Here it is now —

P1060024 (2)

What a difference three months makes.  Here is the view from the bridge.

View from the bridge

View from the bridge

It hasn’t cost us a penny (maybe a tablespoonful of chainsaw fuel — the nails were recycled) and it’s somewhere nice to sit and eat our sandwiches. This time of the year we are mainly cutting bracken in the pasture.  Here in the woodland we live in peace with it as do the shamrocks and the trolls.



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