Sleepy Conversation with Love


Good morning Sweetheart.

I’ve lost an umlaut!

It’ll be under your pillow.

I’m worried, it might have fallen into the Diphthong.

It’ll be back in Lancashire then.

I’ll never find it there – the ground is littered with aitches.

David says he doesn’t understand a word I write – but you do, don’t you?

Go back to sleep – or you’ll never find it – have you looked in the Co-op on Duckworth Street?

How clever of you – I remember now…


2 thoughts on “Sleepy Conversation with Love

  1. Chris says:

    I dream of the indefinite articles, wandering though the hills and valleys of Wales, lost in translation and never to have an equivalent in spoken Welsh.
    Maybe the Co-op should sell them.

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