Ecology, Urban environment

London surprises

The human habitat expands in three dimensions.


But just the other side of these buses is a tributary of the Thames — the River Wandle, that gives its name to Wandsworth — and look what we have here!


A cormorant wrestling with a large, live eel which it eventually swallows whole.


There it goes!

A short walk (for a country person, her daughter and her new grandson) and we are up-river in Barnes, in the wetland reserve that nestles in a meander of the Thames.

“Wake up, Little Grandperson!  Look at these!”


Otters in their almost natural habitat doing what they do best — exploring!



3 thoughts on “London surprises

  1. Penny Taylor says:

    Wonderful photos Diana. Years ago I used to live on south dock marina and never ceased to be amazed by the amount of wild life found in London. We had a family of foxes that were regular visitors, often carrying goodies… one time a carry-out bag from Macdonalds. a large raptor ( I can’t tell you what it was.) nested on the warehouses overlooking our boat, and countless water birds.

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