Welsh culture

Avoiding the Digital Black Hole

Avoiding the Digital Black Hole is like hunting the Snark –you are not sure what it is but it’s horribly dangerous and if you accidentally step in it you will ‘softly and silently vanish away’.



Henry Holiday’s original illustration of the Hunting of the Snark (that’s me in the middle) by Lewis Carroll.

(CC BY-NC 2.0)

So (as everyone says nowadays) I was particularly gratified when the National Library of Wales informed me that I had been chosen and they would like my permission to provide public access to copies of this website held within the UK Web Archive.  This, I am reliably informed, will protect me against the ravages of the digital black hole!

Thank you, National Library of Wales.        Diolch i Lyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru!


4 thoughts on “Avoiding the Digital Black Hole

  1. Penny Taylor says:

    Dianna, I have so enjoyed your blog posts since accidently finding you through a search for crow photos. I wondered where you had gone to when they waned rather and am delighted to learn you have written a book. It will soon be on my bookshelf and brought up for discussion in my writing groups. Well done Ol’ Bean!

  2. Thanks Penny — do hope you enjoy the book and that discussion in your groups will give others like me, who have had a lifetime of distractions, the confidence to expose their own writing!

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