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2022 — A Miracle Year, in One Respect

This is to put all you keen gardeners in your place.

It should be reassuring to see what happens if you do absolutely nothing. We dug the pond because we were fed up with having to evacuate the tadpoles every year as the puddles dry up and their wriggling density becomes alarming.

We dug it in June (well, Mauryg dug, I just did the interfering)
New pond July 2022. The start of a very dry summer.

Here it is 4 months later — despite the drought!

Isn’t that miraculous? The opportunism of plants — I wonder if the few things we have actually planted will survive the competition — probably not, but that is what it is all about…

There are fishes too, very tiny super-sonic ones. This is promising:

A frog wondering where her favourite puddle has gone. There are water boatmen and the southern hawker was patrolling all summer, though we haven’t seen the female laying eggs we live in hope that soon the mud will be teeming with insect larvae.

It’s been a miraculous summer all round.

In the seventeen years I’ve lived in Wales I’ve never before eaten a home grown hazel nut, the same is not true of our squirrels and jays — this year there has been plenty to share.

2 thoughts on “2022 — A Miracle Year, in One Respect

  1. The pond is a wonderful thing to have made for wildlife and plants. Much can be seen, heard and learned, sitting by a pond on a sunny afternoon. Wishing you and your family a bright and beautiful 2023, Diana.

    We have hazelnuts too, and they are often ruined by the larvae of the hazelnut moth, which lays an egg at the base of he developing nut. Birds, mice and squirrels love them all the same.

    • To be honest the nuts are not a terrific quality but its a restful activity — collecting them and also cracking them after a meal — even if you don’t get a very juicy kernel! Happy New Year to you and yours, too.

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