St David — Patron Saint of Wales

1st of March — 1st day of meteorological spring — St David’s day is cause for celebration in Staylittle, Mid-Wales.

A time to meet old friends — here’s Audrey and Gareth.

We were entertained by famous local magician/retired dentist Gareth Jenkins. Sobering to find how apparently easily ones senses can deceive one — except it probably isn’t easy! Thank you Gareth.

We sported our daffs. The real things are a few days late this year. We ate cawl and Welsh cakes. Met new residents —

Here’s Anwen, the newest!

We played stand-up bingo and competed in the darts challenge — no one was injured this year. We nearly all got a raffle prize, I won a large clump of snowdrops to plant on our newly revealed bank and Bill got a birdwatchers mug and gardening gloves — how psychic was that!

The climax of the evening — Nick, who runs the village shop and won the darts challenge last year, defended his title in the final with all the bells, whistles and triumphant hype of the professional darts circuit… and lost to Audrey’s cousin! What a sport!


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