Oblivious to Corona

A few days ago, walking past the bank in the town centre we heard an avian kerfuffle, squawking and a flurry of pigeons taking to the air and a fast moving shadow crossed our path — “Raptor!” said Bill.

We checked out the nearest suitable nesting site — the parish church and there it was — sitting on a turret, preening itself. A Peregrine Falcon but neither of us had a camera.

Since then we take our daily exercise past the parish church every day bristling with binoculas and cameras — today we were rewarded!

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) high on the spire of the parish church.

And here is her mate, perched lower down the tower having just delivered her lunch.

Here’s tomorrows lunch, looking edgy!

Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus)

But right now he is cleaning his talons.


4 thoughts on “Oblivious to Corona

  1. Steve Lacey says:

    Fabulous picture. Stay safe and keep washing those hands (then moisturise if you don’t want hands like sandpaper!}

  2. Brenda Hargreaves says:

    Hi Diana Great photos. How exciting to have that in the middle of Kettering. I hope Catherine and family have got home safely. I’ve just had a book club meeting on Zoom. Really pleased we all managed the technology. Not quite as good as meeting in the pub ! We finished in time for the “clap for NHS “. I rattled a saucepan and spoon and you could noise coming from all round the village. A bit of fun ! Take care. Stay safe Love Brenda

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Next virtual meeting as well as discussing the same book you should all open a bottle of the same wine — how about that! Now you can think about which wine goes with which writer!

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