Getting Closer to the Edge

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I have been getting to know the stranger who will soon be in our midst — the new arrival to challenge all our preconceptions and established relationships — presently a nudge to my proffered hand, like the mumble of a presence in another room, but soon to be much more.

You see, nothing is ever what it seems — you are not what you seem — not what you were a moment ago — time changes everything.

A first baby, at any time, changes a child into a parent and sends the parent from centre stage to the wings —  maybe a relief after 35 years in a leading role, to emerge in a new role which could be tricky but could be amusing, even liberating.

A baby makes little sisters into big sisters; little brothers become big brothers, mentors and protectors; siblings become aunties, next in line of responsibility in case of disaster — and dogs…  Sorry, Pedro, but dogs become a threat.

We are all looking forward, or are oblivious, to our impending rebirth,  meanwhile we wait.

Gwithian Sands